CBD Lip Balm 25Mg

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil
Grown, processed, and packaged in Vermont. Our CBD oil is derived from medical grade NON-GMO hemp. We use no pesticides or herbicides. We grow, process, and package all of our CBD products. All of our products are tested and guaranteed for potency.

25 mg Pure CBD
Vermont Grown
All Natural

Six Flavors Original, Sugared Strawberry, Green Apple, Watermelon,  Vanilla and Mango Peach Fusion


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Weight 1 oz

Mango Peach fusion, Green apple, Original, Sugared Strawberry, Watermelon, Vanilla


CBD lotion is very similar to the lipids in our skin, and the result is that it may promote oil production. This in turn can moisten dry skin and cause less wrinkles. We want that!

Because CBD better absorbs through your skin, when you put CBD in your bath it exposes a larger portion of your skin to the CBD which gives better overall results!

Typically, CBD is taken through oral submission. So, if a person holds CBD oil or balm under the tongue for a couple of minutes before ingestion, you can absorb CBD.

You cannot get high on CBD lip balm. What CBD lip balm can do is heal sun-damaged lips the same way a standard non-CBD lip balm would a great side-benefit from CBD.

CBD has a bacterial aspect making it good for your skin. This bacterial aspect makes it germ free, which as we know is good for your lips. ¬†Because it’s non-inflammatory, it’s great for skin!

Absorbing CBD through the skin is more efficient when added to bath water. Additional systemic effects are the result of adding CBS oil to bath.

CBD lip balm provides the same benefits as regular lip balm for sun damaged lips with the additional benefits of CBD. CBD lip balm will not get a person high.

CBD products are great for quickly healing cracked and chapped lips. The vitamins and essential fatty acids in CBD products are abundant, restoring health and alleviating soreness.

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  1. The only lip balm that helps my daughter lips stay healthy, moist and beautiful. She has tendency to have chapped lips even during summer. It helps my lips to be less wrinkly. Lip balm smells amazing.

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