Hand Sanitizer 62% Alcohol

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  • 62%+ alcohol content
  • Aloe gel with moisturizing glycerin
  • 2 sizes available (8 oz or 12 oz)
  • NO CBD

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In order to meet the needs of our customers we are temporarily manufacturing hand sanitizer. Our hand sanitizer is an aloe based gel with glycerin so you can effectively sanitize and moisturize at the same time. It’s a thick gel, and not runny. It is above the CDC recommendation of 60% alcohol. We are offering it in two sizes at the lowest possible price we can. It DOES NOT contain any CBD. This is a limited time offering due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

  • 62%+ alcohol content
  • Aloe gel with moisturizing glycerin
  • 2 sizes available (8 oz or 12 oz)
  • NO CBD

Additional information

Weight 14 oz

8 oz, 12 oz


CBD lotion is very similar to the lipids in our skin, and the result is that it may promote oil production. This in turn can moisten dry skin and cause less wrinkles. We want that!

Because CBD better absorbs through your skin, when you put CBD in your bath it exposes a larger portion of your skin to the CBD which gives better overall results!

In the European Journal of Pain, studies affirmed the effectiveness of a topical application of CBD salve for the potential relief of arthritis pain and inflammation without side effects.

When applied to problem areas 1-3 times per day most people achieve relief. Some will apply them every hour but overall it is better to adjust application to how your body and pain respond.

Absorbing CBD through the skin is more efficient when added to bath water. Additional systemic effects are the result of adding CBS oil to bath.

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  1. Thank you Hemp ountain for delivering this SO quickly and for meeting the needs of our wider community!

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