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Currently, there are no cannabis products that are recommended or prescribed by veterinarians but as the popularity of these products increase, veterinarians may take notice of the benefits.

CBD oil designed specifically for pets is recommended. The main difference between CBD for pets and CBD for humans is the milligram content and in some instances, enhanced flavoring for pets.

Generally, CBD is safe for pet owners. If a pet were to become sedated or develop an upset stomach in connection with higher dosages, it would be best to lower the dosage or discontinue.

CBD can promote relaxation and in some sensitive cats, sedation can occur. In this situation, it may be an allergic reaction. Best to discontinue and consult with your veterinarian.

Given directly into your pet’s mouth it will take somewhere between 20 and 60 minutes. When administered in the pet’s food or by treat, allow 45 – 90 minutes.

Success in treating arthritis, seizures and asthma have been reported with CBD. Compassionate pet owners have adopted using this method to treat their pets and vets are taking notice.

CBD derived from hemp is not psychoactive. CBD has virtually no adverse side effects in pets. Owners use CBD for both health and behavioral issues in dogs and cats.

For pain management and mobility in dogs, it is best to experiment with dosage. It may take two to four weeks to achieve optimal results determined by lack of symptoms.

The simplest method to administer CBD oil is by the dropper as close to the back of their mouth as possible without gagging them and then squeeze the dropper.

There are no known risks to your dog associated with CBD oil. Because CBD oil is non-toxic and non-psychoactive, there will be no adverse reactions.

The therapeutic effects of giving CBD oil to your dog are seen in about 30 minutes. Those effects last anywhere from four to six hours.

Research by the FDA suggests the benefits of CBD for treating anxiety in people could also treat anxiety in pets. THC is quite bad for pets.

Current research on CBD for dogs is focused on arthritis, Many pet owners and vets have found that it can help with everything from pain and soreness to stress and anxiety, and upset stomach.

If a dog exceeds recommended dosage through treats that contain CBD, the dog can show indications post ingestion. But, this should not occur unless the user has exceeded recommended dosage on their pet.

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