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CBD lotion is very similar to the lipids in our skin, and the result is that it may promote oil production. This in turn can moisten dry skin and cause less wrinkles. We want that!

Due to its non-intoxicating properties, CBD (cannabidiol) is gaining popularity in treating everything from inflammation to acne, and anxiety to depression in people everywhere.

When applied to the body during a massage, CBD reduces inflammation and pain in muscles and joints. The result is both relaxing and calming for the person receiving the massage.

We do not recommend the use of CBD oil as a lubricant. Any oil-based product will damage a condom because of the weakening of the latex. Water-based lubes should be used in this case.

We recommend CBD oil! Why use anything else, when you can have the benefits of CBD which relax muscles and reduce spasticity? Like any massage, a liberal application is recommended to avoid making the skin sore.

Apply liberally throughout the massage to avoid rubbing the skin too hard. Also, CBD massage oil isn’t just for massages, it can be used as a bath or shower oil for really smooth skin.

That is a personal choice. Typically a full-body massage cover “sensitive” areas. Normal massage coverage includes feet, neck, back stomach, arms, legs, but what is massaged is absolutely up to you.

CBD massage oil will boost the bodies production of endocannabinoids which will assist in relaxing muscles and reduce what is referred to as “spasticity” (i.e. the stiffening or tightening of muscles).

CBD oil contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that will help relax sore muscles along with helping your joints. This makes CBD massage oil the best all-around massage oil!

Because CBD better absorbs through your skin, when you put CBD in your bath it exposes a larger portion of your skin to the CBD which gives better overall results!

Absorbing CBD through the skin is more efficient when added to bath water. Additional systemic effects are the result of adding CBS oil to bath.

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